Monday, January 28, 2008

TutorAuthor NG

TutorAuthor is a tool created by TutorPro for creating and editing online courses. It is used by TutorPro to create the TutorPro online courses available for the legal industry. They have created their newest Office 2007 courses in it and if you purchase TutorPro courses, you get TutorAuthor to allow you to edit the content if you desire.

I'm previewing the newest version of TutorAuthor (NG).

This new version allows you to create all types of online learning. Meets all of your online content creation needs, not just software simulation

More control of the the look and size and feel of the content. Buttons, text boxes, slides.

Everything is editable within TutorAuthor. Doesn't require you to jump back and forth to Powerpoint.

Everything is definable, text boxes can have multiple lines and turns into a scrollable box if necessary. Size, color, font are all modifiable. Even the event style can be edited. Yeah. The actions can use our convention of all anticipated actions (events) being bold and black.

Authoring uses a framestrip view.
Can publish directly to AICC and SCORM directly.
Can publish to Web Page or EXE
Can publish to text document formats to help in the creation of documentation.

Has Import/Export frames capabilities.

Frame designer allows you to add captured screens or create screens.

If you want to learn more about TutorAuthor NG, contact Robin Murphy

To sign up for a session, please respond to indicating the date and time of the session you wish to attend and you will be sent the details for your session.

January 28 – 10am EST
January 28 – 1pm EST

January 30 – 10am EST
January 30 – 1pm EST

February 6 – 10am EST
February 6 – 1pm EST

February 13 – 10am EST
February 13 – 1pm EST

February 20 – 10am EST
February 20 – 1pm EST

February 27 – 10am EST
February 27 – 1pm EST

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