Friday, November 23, 2007

What is an RSS Feed and why would I use it?

I'm really excited about learning more about elearning 2.0 and the use of eLearning in law firms. However, the amount of time I have to research these topics is limited. On top of that, over 1% of all blogs are someway related to elearning. Oh my! Can I keep up and have any time left over for the rest of my life?

RSS feeds to the rescue. They allow you to easily track new updates on blogs, news sites and wikis that you are interested in checking out information on. To learn more about RSS feeds and how to use them, check out this video RSS Feeds in Plain English.

To use the RSS Feeds, you need a software service call an RSS Reader. Outlook 2007 can be used as an RSS Reader.
However, until I get all my computers on Office 2007, I decided to use Google Reader. ( ) This free service from Google, can be accessed from any computer I log into. So I can quickly find out new information about elearning 2.0, and blogs of my friends and family.

There are other RSS readers if you have issues with Google.

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